Traumastem Powder

Sterile resorbable haemostatic powder

Traumastem Powder (Emoxicel Polvere) is a sterile absorbable haemostatic powder, widely used in outpatient and clinical practice and in all fields of surgery to stop capillary or non-pressure venous bleeding. Traumastem Powder is also suitable to stop the bleeding in minor surface wounds such as scrapes, minor cuts or lacerations suffered during sport, at home or work, etc. It has a number of remarkable qualities.

  • Traumastem Powder significantly enhances the biological healing processes and has antibacterial activity
  • It is fully absorbable, does not have to be removed from a wound which minimizes the risk of hemorrhage recurrence
  • It is very well tolerated by the organism
  • It is a non-irritant, hypo-allergenic preparation that does not precipitate any immune reactions by the organism
  • It is quickly resorbed and decomposed
  • Total haemostasis is achieved within 2 minutes after application
  • Its broad application range makes it suitable for use in outpatient as well as clinical practice, in all surgical fields
  • Traumastem Powder is suitable for stopping capillary bleeding in resection areas of organ parenchyma, muscles or cavities as well as for prevention of bleeding in the early post-operative stage
  • Handy packaging, ensuring an easy and fast application
  • Traumastem Powder is supplied as a laparoscopy and thoracoscopy set
  • Traumastem Powder may considerably reduce patient treatment costs
  • Suitable for the treatment of minor wounds during sports activities, at home as well as at work
  • It may be used by adults as well as children
  • No side effects have been identified
  • Suitable also for veterinary use

Traumastem Powder is fully absorbable, (time depends on wound chracteristic) and thereby a possible storing of the product into tissue or/and in cells and possible late irritation do not happen.

Contraindication: stopping of arterial bleeding

Composition: hydrogencalcium salt of oxidized cellulose

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Clinical studies

Clinical Study – Application of Traumastem Haemostat


From 1976 – 1978 the National Institute of Textile Research in Liberec (Státní výzkumný ústav textilní v Liberci) and the Centre for Research and Use of Ionizing Radiation in Veverská Bítýška (Pobočka pro výzkum a využití ionizujícího záření ve Veverské Bítýšce) carried out a clinical study regarding the application of Traumastem haemostyptic at 27 healthcare centres in the Czech as Slovak Republic…

Effectiveness of Oxycellulose in Acute Bleeding of Gastroduodenal Ulcer

In our report we would like to point out the possibility of using TRAUMASTEM P as haemostats in solution form during acute bleeding of gastroduodenal ulcer. Our experiences are not numerous but very promising and they offer to be proved in other workplaces and evaluate them later. It is a case of new way of TRAUMASTEM P´s application, which has not been anticipated before.

Ambulatory Excision of Perianal Duplicatures

In our study we proved that ambulatory excision of perianal duplicatures is an effective method for removal of patient´s problems and, by keeping of all determined principles, has a minimum of complications. With this method we successfully use Traumastem preparations both for acute bleeding haemostasia on wound areas and to support the healing. Compared with the control group, these preparations significantly improve haemostasia and support or rather accelerate the healing.

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