Taking part in a fine tradition of innovation

Centuries of experience, continual development. Oxidized cellulose.

Cellulose is one of the most widespread materials in the world and a main structural component of nature. The highest content of cellulose is found in cotton, already well-known for its unique abilities among the healers of Ancient Egypt. Over the next several millennia, cotton was used by their disciples all over the world as an indispensable
and highly effective preparation for haemostasis and the
healing of the wounds.

Thanks to modern technologies and
decades of intensive research, we
at Bioster have succeeded in
developing a range of unique oxidized
cellulose products made of natural
cotton that enable effective healing
of the wounds and haemostasis
. Due
to their natural origin and special
treating, Traumastem products are fully biocompatible, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and entirely atraumatic.

I. Cotton (Prehistory)

Already prehistoric shamans noticed the unusually absorbent capacities of a white plume growing on cotton bolls. However, they did not have efficient technologies to further process the seeds of this shrub and had to make do with only the white tufts picked from withered cotton trees.Even though its unique qualities could not be fully appreciated, cotton was already used for healing in prehistoric times.

II. Lint (old and middle ages)

The advanced civilizations of ancient Egypt, Pakistan, Mexico and India started cultivating cotton and making a textile fabric from its seeds which they wove into lint.A piece of this firm and smooth cloth allowed for a much broader and more effective use in medicine than what had previously been available.Apart from stopping bleeding, cotton cloth could now also be used for the effective dressing of wounds.Although European medicine discovered cotton as late as in Late Middle Ages,
it was very quick to adopt it, further developing its application.

III. Gauze, iodine tincture (19th a 20th centuries)

Since the times of the Industrial Revolution, cotton has been the most important resource for natural fabrics and there has been a rapid development of technologies for its processing.In the 19th century, all healthcare facilities maintained a stock of cotton gauze as part of their indispensable supplies.Gauze was the essential material used to stop bleeding and in combination with tincture of iodine it could also be safely used as a dressing for infected wounds.

IV. Traumacel (21st century)

Since the 70s of the 20th century, Bioster laboratories have been transforming cotton into oxidized cellulose, which has proved to be many times more effective while retaining all the qualities of the natural material.As a result, here at the beginning of the 21st century, we are able to offer you our unique and world exclusive line of highly effective haemostatic products for bioactive wound healing from oxidized cellulose. Thanks to their natural origin and specific processing technology, they are fully absorbable, entirely biocompatible, hypoallergenic and atraumatic. Traumastem’s high
effectiveness, safety and ease of use has been backed
by clinical studies as well as ongoing medical practice.

New Traumastem biodress: bioactive healing and pain relief

Traumastem biodress launches the natural healing process, significantly contributes to the activation of fibroblasts, inactivation of matrix metalloproteinases, has antibacterial activity, creates a favorable moist microclimate in a wound and offers pain relief.

New Traumastem Biodress Comfort: bioactive healing and pain relief

Traumastem Biodress Comfort launches the natural healing process, significantly contributes to the activation of fibroblasts, inactivation of matrix metalloproteinases, has antibacterial activity, creates a favorable moist microclimate in a wound and offers pain relief.

Traumastem Biodress

Unique natural dressing for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds
indication: leg ulcers, decubitus, diabetic ...

The new Traumastem Biodress is the first oxidized cellulose preparation in the world for modern treatment of acute and chronic wounds. It significantly accelerates the healing process especially granulation and epithelization...

Traumastem Biodress Comfort

Bioactive sterile resorbable dressing and non-adhesive absorbent dressing
indication: coated, heavily, semi- and slightly ...

Traumastem Biodress Comfort is an innovative form of the bioactive resorbable dressing Traumastem Biodress, which offers unique comfort in the treatment of non-healing wounds due to its novel composition. This innovation provides improved comfort in wound management...

Traumastem Biodress Disinfect

Bioactive sterile resorbable dressing and non-adhesive absorbent dressing

Traumastem Biodress Disinfect is a unique dressing designed especially for the initial treatment of infected wounds. Traumastem Biodress Disinfect contains chlorhexidine (0.2-0.5% by weight) – antimicrobial agent, which substantially decreases the bacterial load and the bioactive resorbable dressing that stimulates the healing process. Traumastem Biodress Disinfect consists of the bioactive dressing Traumastem Biodress, non-adherent layer with chlorhexidine and highly absorbent pad...

Traumastem Gel

Gel cover with an antimicrobial substance

Traumastem Gel ensures optimal humid environment for faster wound healing and reduces the risk of scarring.

Traumastem NEW Dent

Sterile haemostatic resorbable cube

Traumastem NEW Dent is a sterile haemostatic dental cube designed to stop post-extract capillary bleeding. In vitro studies which focused on the effect of oxidized cellulose on dermal fibroblasts proved that the oxidized cellulose leads to direct stimulation of the proliferation of fibroblasts and significantly increases their metabolic activity. High adsorbtion ability and great specific surface of the oxidized natural cellulose (cotton) contribute significantly to the process of haemostasis.

Traumastem FAM Trium

Sterile resorbable fibrous haemostat

Traumastem FAM Trium is sterile, fibrous, resorbable haemostatic medical device from the Traumastem haemostat family manufactured by Bioster for several decades. It is made from pure, natural cotton using controlled oxidation technology.

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Non-healing Wounds Treatment with Aquacel and Traumastem Biodress Comparison of Efficiency - Final Report

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Using Traumastem Biodress and Traumastem Biodress Disinfect in Wound Treatment

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Traumastem Biodress is a sterile, resorbable dressing from natural oxidised cellulose. It is a modern dressing for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds (chronic leg ulcerations, press ulcers, burns,…