causistic date: 02.11.2015, published: 02. 11. 2015

Local haemostasis with fibrous oxidized cellulose

In the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute we have been using products Traumastem TAF and TAF Light for haemostasis in a wide range of surgical situations, most frequently in resectional procedures on parenchymatous organs, after resections of sarcomas, etc., as already referred to in the past. [4]. Recently we had an opportunity to test fibrous version of Traumastem FAM Trium in several cases. As an illustration, we describe its use in resection of pancreas and a hepatic metastasis penetrating into the pancreas. In the first case we applied Traumastem FAM Trium on the sutured stump of pancreas after subtotal left-sided resection with lymphadenectomy around truncus coeliacus and with splenectomy for a tumour. „Healthy“ pancreatic tissue was very fragile with suture having a tendency to cut through, which resulted in small „parenchymatic“ bleeding (Pic.1), After application of „cotton wool“ we have not noticed further bleeding (Pic.2). Postoperative course was without any complications. In the second case, by inserting haemostat we solved a defect after resection for locally advanced metastasis in lobus caudatus penetrating pancreas´ upper border (Pic.3). Using fibrillar haemostat Traumastem FAM Trium, we filled in the space in place of resected pancreas upper border with fitting suture of partially resected lobus caudatus (Pic.4), Also in this patient the postoperative course was uneventful and the patient was discharged for home care on the 10th postoperative day.

Summary We have had a chance to test the new version of Traumastem FAM in several other cases of liver resections. The product well proved itself mainly for easy application, high effectiveness as well as safety of use.


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Doc. MUDr. Roman Šefr, Ph.D. Department of Surgery, MOÚ Brno e-mail:


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Pic. 1
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Pic. 2
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Pic. 3
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Pic. 4

Související produkty

Traumastem FAM Trium

Sterile resorbable fibrous haemostat
indication: orthopaedics, cardiovascular surgery, haemorrhoidectomy, vascular graft implantation, biopsy, operations of lungs and other parenchymatous organs, gastric resections, liver and gall bladder operations, gynaecologic operations, thyroid and many other opera

Traumastem FAM Trium is sterile, fibrous, resorbable haemostatic medical device from the Traumastem haemostat family manufactured by Bioster for several decades. It is made from pure, natural cotton using controlled oxidation technology.

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