University Hospital in Hradec Králové Centre of Diabetes, Voráčková Lea

causistic date: 19.07.2013, published: 19. 07. 2013

A wound represents a serious disturbance of man’s health. It always means a problem for both patient and his/her surroundings. The chronic wounds have various aetiological agents. If the cause of the wound not is removed, we cannot expect healing of these.

A male patient, 57 years old, diabetes mellitus lasting for 15 years.

Medication: Novorapid 14 – 10 – 10 units Lantus 0 – 0 – 0 – 20 units Glukophage 1000 mg, 1 – 0 – 1 tbl Lyrica 150 mg, 1 – 0 – 1

The patient with serious form of diabetic neuropathy with high risk of a diabetic defect. The patient uses a special lower limbs orthosis and forearm crutches.

26.11.2011 after visiting a swimming pool without protective shoes, on the right foot interdigital mycosis between the fourth and fifth digit, with disruption of skin covering 2,5cm in diam. A defect on the plantar sole of 1,5cm in diam., caused by rolling a sock in shoes. With respect to severe diabetic neuropathy, localization of the defects, and status of the sole, which is well nurtured, without coating or inflammation, we chosen Traumastem Biodress Comfort. The patient will perform bandaging on his own, he rejected care of a home agency nurse.

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The patient goes regularly once in 3 – 4 weeks for check-ups at podiatry. At the same time, we check compensation of diabetes. Example of glycemic profile: 6,8 – 9,3 – 5,6 – 11,0 – 6,2 – 7,2 – 8,1

A local finding improves, although the patient fully loads the lower limb due to diabetic neuropathy. He performs re-bandaging 2 – 3 times a week, according to development of the wound.

30. 4. 2012 healed.

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The patient appreciated easy application of Traumastem Biodress Comfort, The material is fully resorbable, and the wound does not bleed when re-bandaged. He did not need to solve disposal of biological waste. Possibility of showering the lower limb.

Voráčková Lea, Centre of Diabetes of University Hospital in Hradec Králové


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Traumastem Biodress Comfort

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indication: coated, heavily, semi- and slightly exuding wounds, non-healing chronic wounds, decubitus, diabetic ulcers, wounds healed per secundam, painful wounds and minor bleeding traumas

Traumastem Biodress Comfort is an innovative form of the bioactive resorbable dressing Traumastem Biodress, which offers unique comfort in the treatment of non-healing wounds due to its novel composition. This innovation provides improved comfort in wound management…

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