Traumastem Biodress Comfort

Bioactive sterile resorbable dressing and non-adhesive absorbent dressing

Traumastem Biodress Comfort (Emoxicel Biodress Comfort) is an innovative form of the bioactive resorbable dressing Traumastem Biodress, which offers unique comfort in the treatment of non-healing wounds due to its novel composition. Traumastem Biodress comfort consists of the bioactive dressing Traumastem Biodress, a non-adherent layer and highly absorbent pad.

Traumastem Biodress Comfort is a combination of bioactive sterile resorbable dressing made on basis of oxidized cellulose and non-adhesive highly absorbent dressing. The dressing is designed for the treatment of acute, chronic and hard-to-heal wounds. Traumastem Biodress Comfort significantly effects metabolic and biochemical processes in the wound and actively effects re-vitalisation of damaged tissue on the basis of its ability to inhibit the matrix metalloproteinase, to activate fibroblasts and to increase the quantity of growth factor. Thanks to this it creates the environment stimulating the healing process. Traumastem Biodress Comfort´s cleans and regenerates the wound base and starts and accelerates granulation and ephitelization process. Moreover, thanks to significant an analgetic effect, it relieves pain after one week of application and increases the quality of patients´ life before the wound’s complete healing. Traumastem Biodress Comfort has significant bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect against wide range of grampositive and gramnegative bacteria. Due to its haemostatic activity Traumastem Biodress Comfort is useful to stop bleeding of acute and chronic wounds. Traumastem Biodress Comfort ensures fast and effective local haemostasia, usually within 1–2 minutes, depending on intensity of bleeding. Another very important feature of Traumastem Biodress Comfort is ability to bind water which ensures the favourable moist microclimate in the wound. When contacted with exudate, hydrogen-calcium salt of oxidized cellulose binds cations by way of the ion exchange mechanism and thereby helps to decrease the loss of ions from the wound.

Bioactive part of the dressing (composition hydrogen-calcium salt of oxidized cellulose) of size 10 × 10 cm is fully biodegradable and it is absorbed within 1 – 4 days after application, depending on quantity of secret and quantity of applied dressing. Application of the dressing is very easy and its exchange does not traumatise client. Traumastem Biodress Comfort is well tolerated by the organism, is hypoallergenic and does not cause any undesirable immunity reactions. No side effects have been observed after its application.

Traumastem Biodress Comfort significantly accelerates all stages of wounds treatment, makes the application easier and provides an effective and comfort care for non-healing wounds.


coated, heavily, semi- and slightly exuding wounds, non-healing chronic wounds, decubitus, diabetic ulcers, wounds healed per secundam, painful wounds and minor bleeding traumas

Contraindication: Application is not suitable for necrotic wounds

Composition: Hydrogen-calcium salt of oxidized cellulose 10 x 10 cm (100% of active substance) and non-adhesive absorbent dressing 16 x 16 cm

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Case report - Male, 57 years olf


A wound represents a serious disturbance of man’s health. It always means a problem for both patient and his/her surroundings. The chronic wounds have various aetiological agents. If the cause of the wound not is removed, we cannot expect healing of these.

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